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6/21/2015 - E3 was AMAZING!  Also, here's our Latest Build!

E3 was absolutely full of amazing people, and I loved every minute of it!  The quality and quantity of contacts we made were astounding.  We are working on some drastic visual changes, but in the mean time, here's our fixed up Post E3 Build!

3/19/15 - Working towards E3!

We're going to E3!!!!  With that out of the way, I apologize profusely for our lack of updates over the past months.  We've been consumed with the fruits of our game's Private Alpha test, and probably will be right down to the E3 wire.  Our two person team's been working very hard to make our game run smoother, get rid of bugs, improve our game's agency, and make it even prettier!


We'll be uploading new images within the next couple days to show off our new visuals!

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