Autumn Mason

I've always loved games. Growing up and moving from state to state video games were a great way to break the ice with other kids. I had/have two older brothers and we all still play games to this day. The most memorable moment was Christmas the year I turned seven. My brothers and I got the Jungle Green Donkey Kong 64 N64! That game, from the variety of environments to the wacky characters and fun game play modes changed my life. It was something that brought us so much joy as a family. It got my two brothers to actually want to hang out with there little sister. It was only natural I wanted to make more. Later on in high school and college, the more I learned about what went into a game the more I fell in love with making them. I didn't necessarily have to pigeon hole myself into one tedious profession. Creating a game in a small group would require more of me than most creative careers but I get to compose, design, model, texture and photograph. When you're creating a world practically from scratch the sky becomes the limit and Harmony of Dawn is only the beginning.

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