What Harmony of Dawn will be

Harmony of Dawn will be a 3D Fantasy Puzzler starring our main character, Helena.  To save her sister's life, and the citizens of her late father's country, Helena must use the power of her music and mind to break the curses of the Fairy Queens.  Harmony of Dawn features fantasy-based musical utilities that allow the player to navigate, solve, and survive the trials set before her.


Harmony of Dawn’s main feature is its utilities and the overarching concept behind them.  Each area our player will experience will be thematically based on a genre of Musical Instrument.  For example, our first level, the Waterfall Caverns, are based on the Strings.  Other areas will feature Woodwinds, Percussion, and Brass as their themes. Our game doesn't simply stop at themes though.  All of the utilities the player will be using to solve puzzles and progress in the story will be musically inspired as well.  


Our first set of tools is the Spinneret and Violin Bow, which can be seen in detail on the Instrumental Tools page of our website.  Each area will have appropriately themed tools used in them.  These will be revealed on the Instrumental Tools page as we progress in our game's creation.  


There will also be multiple collectibles that, once gathered, will unlock various skins and models for Helena.   There will also be enemies for Helena to trick.  We are not planning to add combat to our games, but instead we plan on implementing enemies that Helena will have to plan and execute traps for.  Be careful!  Helena isn't a fighter; her mind is her greatest strength.

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