Instrumental Tools

Dawn Bow and Spinneret

The Dawn Bow and Spinneret is Helena's first set of tools in Harmony of Dawn.  Using the Spinneret, Helena can create silk strings, which can then be played using the Dawn Bow for various effects, depending on the surface Helena connects to.  These effects include shockwaves, which blast certain objects away from Helena, and Shatters.

Shockwaves can be used with a variety of purposes in mind.  Shooting rocks to break distant glass, distracting or 


crushing an enemy, knocking over something in the way, and more. Shatters are a little less dynamic in their use, but can cause just as many different effects depending on what you shatter in specific situations.  well placed shatters can release a torrent of water to slay enemies, or to create opportunities to solve puzzles.  They can also reveal secret passages with critical puzzle items, or optional hidden collectibles.

The Spinneret isn't just a musical instrument though.  It's also just as useful as rope.  It can help pull objects that aren't able to be pushed, pull distant levers, allow Helena to swing over gaps and chasms, and more.


Siren's Lung

This tool will be announced soon!


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